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Crazy Thought

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Anyone thought of painting the roof like a toyota? Basically painting the roof white so it reflects sunlight and keeping it cooler in summer?

I live in Florida, south part, never gets cold really (Below 45) but our summers are brutal. I love the black paint, but after having a few black cars down here I know the hoods and roof you could cook food up there. Anyone thought of getting the best of both worlds? Black hood, sides, back. But paint the roof white to reflect the sun and heat?
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Go for it! To me, it sounds ugly. :)

Maybe someone can Photoshop a pic & post it for opinions.
I wouldn't do it, but if it's what you want, go ahead, no need for our approval :)
You can try wrapping it with white vinyl or even spraying white plasti dip, it's removable
I wouldn't do it that's why I get A/C, but hey if you like it, it is your vehicle. If it was me I'd just order a white Jeep.
Dont like the way white looks, but personal taste. Mocked up the white roof :)


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In my opinion, I wouldn't do that. I live in a hot summer area also and just don't get black vehicles or leather seats. I got a silver Cherokee with black cloth seats.
I had a white top on my Toyota FJ and hated it. Always thought about painting the roof the same color as the rest of car. Finally traded for something else.
I agree with CherokeeFanatic, Plasti dip! Cheap and can be peeled off if you don't like
It! I did my wheels black already and did some other pieces as well.
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would look awful
Just get ceramic window tint. It will reflect sunlight and keep your jeep cool. The Fake Jeep doesn't look good with the white top unless the vehicle is white imo.
you want a jeep that looks like a Toyota? :D

I went with "all" white!

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If you want to try a white roof without painting contact a company that does wrapping. Had a friend who wrapped the convertible hard top on their Beemer in a carbon fiber so it would "look more like a convertible soft top".

I don't care for the look but if she gets tired of it she can have it removed with no damage to the paint.
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