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Cracking in Tailgate

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So, recently I got a bunch of alerts on my 2015 trail hawk to service my parking brake, cruise control/front collision, stop/start system and said my 4wd was unavailable. After taking it into the dealership, it turns out the e parking brake module was corroded. This leaking is coming from where the tailgate attaches to the car I have attached photos of the cracks. After looking further into it, I have noticed this seems to be a very common thing with the Cherokee model. I currently have a case going on with Jeep about this as my repair for their error is over $1700. I am looking for more people who have the same cracking in their vehicle.. this is also a warning to check and seal your crack before it gets as bad as mine. I would like everyone who has this cracking to attach a picture to help me prove my point to Jeep.
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I noticed this on my new to me 2015 Trailhawk a couple of days ago. I also noticed a bit of mold/mildew right under the edge of the deck lid. I'll update with pics shortly.
Take the floor out of the trunk, remove the water and dry it out.
Check all of the modules (computers) for corrosion. Check the connectors. Clean as necessary.
Search this Forum for all of the gory details.
Appreciated. There's no standing water. I've had no problems with modules but I'll check to be sure. Put a fan to it as needed then clear exterior silicone and call it a day.
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