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Considering selling my KL

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Considering selling my Cherokee, as the payments are becoming tough to make due to other bills that have since come into the picture. I have a Limited with the v6 and 4x4 (ad1), exterior is granite, and interior is black. It has been a great car. I did have the trans updated. I just took a trip in it to NC and got 32 mpg avg for the trip. The car has about 8000 miles on it. the sticker is 33,4xx, and i would be looking to sell it for 31000 or so, as that is my payoff. kbb says im in that ballpark so if you are interested, let me know, and i can get some pics to you. Oh, I also have full Weathertech floor and cargo linings in this Jeep.

Thank You!

In Columbus Ohio
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Good luck on the sale and congrats on being the first to post in this section.
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