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For what its worth, I test drove a Chereokee last week with the wife, and we observed several different colors of Chereokees on the dealer's lot.

Here was our impressions:

Test drove a black Limited. Color is nice, bright for black, with a formal regal look to it, on the limited with the contrasting chrome. We currently own a black Grand Cherokee and would probably go with a different color.

There were at least 4 TH on the lot with the anvil color. On Jeep's webpage, I was not attracted to anvil. However, in person on the lot it looked rather nice. It had kind of a gunmetal metalic look to it to me, which was "manly" and nice. After the look on the web page, this is definitely an doable option.

One true blue was on the lot. Latitude model. Blue is a common color. Its ok, but would probably not be my personal first choice.

A white limited was in the show room. Not my first choice either, but the black accents and tires were a nice contrast to the white.

There was a granite colored Latitude on the dealer's lot. Going in, that was our first choice before the test drive. Its probably still remains there at the top of our list as it looks really nice to us; different enough from the black we are used to that makes it unique enough to enjoy for us.

What suprised us the most was the deep cherry red color. We saw two limited's on the lot with this color. My wife has always had a dislike for red, in her estimation claiming that it "attracts the cops" for tickets. We were once in a long line of approximately 8 cars out on a highway once, all doing the same speed, and a cop came up, choose the red car to pull in behind, and pulled that one over when he had 7 other other choices...(we where in the black grand cherokee by the way).

Anyway, we liked the distinctive dark hue of the cherry red. It is definitely high up on our list. Its an attractive color.

Has anyone purchased the deep cherry red and what has your impressions been of it? And, ha ha, have you been pulled over in it?
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