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Chrysler records best November sales month since 2007! Thanks Jeep Cherokee.

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The Detroit News just reported that Chrysler has recorded its best November sales month since 2007. The car manufacturer sold some 145, 275 vehicles during the month.

The Cherokee is a big part of that number, despite some issues with the transmission, its unique looks, and plentiful delays. The Cherokee sold 10,169 units in its first full month on sale.

Chrysler has now had year-over-year sales growth for the past 44 consecutive months.
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Yeah, I haven't seen any Cherokees around here on the road yet, aside from mine. I'm kind of enjoying the individuality right now. Of course, it also makes me wonder, am I the fool? Maybe the joke's on me!

I hope not, because I really like this car. I'm praying that she holds together for me!
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