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Cherokee Trail Hawk 2.0 vs 3.2

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Hey Everyone,

My mom is interested in ordering a Trail Hawk is the 2.0 Turbo available in a Trail Hawk. If so, what is everyone’s thoughts In the 2.0 vs the 3.2?
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As @AZJeeper said, no 2.0T for Trailhawks, and it's a damn shame, and frankly not a very smart business decision as far as I'm concerned. It's a great little engine, and we're still waiting for that first major issue, or any issue. I wouldn't own one of the other two engine choices available, so I won't be trading mine in anytime soon...😎
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The difference in crawl ratio is

51:1 for the 2.0 vs 48:1

Really not much of a conversation piece or an advantage.

The 2.4 TH's had a 56:1 crawl ratio and no one ever complained about the lack of torque offroad with those engines, with the crawl ratio that high a difference of 3:1 is imperceptible for offroad capability. Also the 3.2 V6 makes more torque at a lower RPM than the 2.0 Turbo does anyways
Why don't you try one Tyler, you might like it, and you'd have an all new performance project to work with...😎
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For those of us who tow trailers you should be aware that the 2.0T is not available with the towing package. For me that's a deal breaker. Adding a U-Haul hitch and wiring harness ain't an option for me. I want the transmission cooler and integrated hitch.
Well, it's a good thing mine is a 2019 with the 2.0T, and the factory tow package, and it just happens to be a Trailhawk Elite, which hasn't been available with the 2.0T since 2020. Makes mine a highly sought after classic KL...LOL!!!😎
No problem! Many stories about the dealer giving incorrect information. It might be the dealer can't (or won't) order one right now, but that's a lot different than not being available.

Sometimes dealers can arrange a transfer from another dealer to get the exact car you want. I see several 2021 models with the 2.0L and towing package for sale online. Don't know if dealers are taking 2022 orders yet, but there are several 2022 2.0L and 3.2L models for sale online now too.
You're not going to find a new Trailhawk with a 2.0T though...😎
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Looks an awful lot like my Trailhawk Elite!
Interesting...Looks like a Limited with Active Drive Loc to me though, but with the Trailhawk fender trim. I like it, wonder why FCA doesn't want to cash in on that design here in North America??? I've given up on trying to figure out why they do what they do...LOL!!! That's cool though, thanks for sharing...😎
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