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Cherokee Nightmare

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In late June 2018 I bought a 2019, 6 cylinder latitude 4x4. The day I drove it off the lot a check engine light came on. I have a reader that connects to my phone it said 2 errors "Engine too lean & Catalyst System below threshold. I made an appointment for service. By the time the of the service appointment a week later the error disappeared. So after talking to the service rep, I cancelled the appointment. August came and the problem appeared again this time just the threshold error. I took it in and the rep saw the error, but it disappeared so they did nothing. Then the nightmare began. The light came back on immediately after driving to work the next day. Took it back and they replaced one of the catalytic converters. They said stuff was coming out of it. Drove it for a couple days then same error but this time the engine was making awful noises. The service department said they thought there was water in the gas and wanted to charge me $400 to remove the tank and empty it. No water! They checked the oil and found metal in it. It took them until late October to replace the engine over 2 months. I get the vehicle back and sure enough next day check engine light, catalyst threshold. I take it back and after a couple days they said they replaced the O2 sensor. I don't make the 10 miles home and the light comes on again. This time I write a letter to the dealership owner listing the problems I had. Including them forgetting to put the access cover to the oil on the engine. Them testing it and emptying a full tank and giving it back empty, dirty and 445 extra miles on it. This is not the first such testing, they have put as many miles or more than I did on it. Last time I checked it had 5448 miles on it. But I wouldn't know because I gave them a last chance to fix it in 10 days on Nov 1st. I have not seen the vehicle since. After the 10 days I sent a form letter to FCA notifying them that they were well past VA lemon law and requested a new vehicle. Two weeks ago I received a call from a rep saying to call the service manager at the dealer and he would call me the next Monday. I called the service manager and he said they were working with Chrysler Engineers because though they fixed the catalyst issue by replacing the entire system, now they have a "communication issue with the transmission". I have not heard anything back from the Chrysler rep at all. I guess he just wanted to say hi because that is all he ever really communicated, that and a broken promise to call me. I have not had possession of the vehicle in months and have been paying payments, property taxes and interest on it. It has been a nightmare and FCA has been no help at all!
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I'm avoiding getting a lawyer because then the case gets sent to arbitration and from what I have seen it could take months more. That is coming from the lemon law lawyers site and googling others issues. I am under intense pressure from my significant other to lawyer up. My next move is to call the local news station they love this stuff. If I can be a squeaky wheel maybe they will figure out its in their best interest to settle this quickly. Especially since they have driven my vehicle with my back plate on it. And the same time I have the front plate on the back of my loaner. That is illegal in this state.
You should see if @JeepCares can assist.

Also - your loaner should have its own license plate. Either a dealer plate, or a titled registration.
There is no way your plate should be on their car.
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