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I was just thinking abt the ease of having the same engine platform. I already have all the hp tuners stuff and credits. I'm already in the money pit😂😂 dig me further.
An engine swap is a massive waste of money....for what,

295hp/262tq vs 271hp/239tq

I was easily 320hp/270tq with bolt ons and tuning from my 3.2 The factory tune on a 3.2 is slightly more aggressive than 3.6's

Take the money you saved not swapping the engine, Get a CAI, PUG manifold, and tune the TCM and PCM and be faster and farther ahead financially than doing an engine swap, its literally the same engine block.

Search my name i've very clearly laid out how to do it.

Also the 3.6 is no more unreliable than the 3.2
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