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Cashmere Jeep Cherokee Picture Thread

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Post pictures of your Cashmere Jeep Cherokee
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Attached are three pics of my Limited. Other than the obvious motor home towing package in the second picture, there are a total of eight relatively minor modifications. Two in the first pic, and 3 in each of the next two.

Can you identify them?


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@tiger505 - Excellent observations, and thanks for the compliments. You just about got them all, however I didn't do anything to the front light bezel. The color is actually a dark grey, and some are replacement parts, I believe actually for a TH, and some I painted with PlastiDip.
@GCWIMMER - You're correct on the body side molding. I wasn't aware of the no front license requirement in NV, but I would have installed it anyway as it helps to conceal the light, supplemental brake and break-away switch connectors used for towing the Cherokee behind my motor home.
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Hey Bob,
What tow plates do you have?? Looks like Blue OX. If it is, any problems on tight turns?
Yes the plates are Blue Ox, and the distance between the tow pins is about 34", which is pretty wide. However I had to use a drop receiver turned upside down to level the tow bar, and that added about 8" to the length of the receiver. So far I haven't had any problems, and I have made some pretty tight turns. I also use a Blue Ox KarGard.
Thanks for the info.
Measuring by myself my 2006 Silverado is right at 32, so 34 would not amount to much of a reduction in space behind the MH. I have always used B.Ox and my towbar is a 10,000 lb Aventa, so I think I will go ahead and order the Ox.
Are you towing with a DP or gas rig?
Thought I'd throw this picture in of my Cashmere Limited with the new Trailhawk Replica rims. Of course my trusty golf cart is not far behind!
Your wheels look great! Where did you find the 18" TH wheels?
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