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Cargo Space

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Too cold to need right now, but I play golf around the Delmarva Peninsula and usually drive for the foursome. Is my Limited going to hold 4 golf bags and players? Plenty of room with my former car, a CR-V, but getting a little concerned.
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havnt tried golf clubs yet but bet four would be pretty packed.
Doubt that four sets of clubs would work, but try it at a dealer. Four guys in the vehicle, no problem.
Depends on how you stacked them.

The clubs OR the people...
I am also a golfer and wanted to know the same thing. I know that a RAV4 would do it, and I have a friend with a CR-V who did also. The Cherokee will not carry 4 golf bags in the cargo area behind the rear seats. Either you will need to carry 2 bags on the roof rack, or to protect the clubs, you will need to lower part of the rear seats and draw straws to see which of your passengers will ride the roof rails. Fortunately, you are the driver, so you will only need 3 straws. I haven't decided yet on what car to buy, but I like the Cherokee so much, that I am considering the straw approach. Actually, the biggest concern for me was that I get my clubs and a push cart in the back, so I am always prepared for a stop at the range or a quick impromptu round. I did try my equipment at a dealership, and it worked.
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Mine fit at an angle. Saw a video review with 2bags at an angle on the load floor. With 4 you would be stacking in some fashion guaranteed. Also depends on your bag type I, cart bags would be bulkier than my carry/stand bag. Grab yours and a friend's (our more) if possible and stop by a dealership. If stacking is fine, you can prob do it...but the Grand would be much better.
Clew, that is a good point. I was just thinking of 4 of my large cart bags when I suggested that 4 would not fit. I may want to look into smaller bags for myself as well.

It is always best to bring the actual equipment to the dealership and check first.
Unfortunately, it is too late. I already own this little beauty. I like the passenger on the roof rack option! Thanks all.
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