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Cargo Shade Cover for 2019 Cherokee Trailhawk Elite

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Hey folks,

Curious if anyone has had to replace the rubber thumb stoppers that are on the cargo shade cover in the trailhawks. When you pull out the shade cover, the two rubber thumbs slot into little grooves in the trunk that holds the shade cover out.

I haven't been able to find the little rubber stoppers anywhere on a parts list on the Mopar site or anywhere else.

Any advice would be much appreciated, cheers!

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I had one break, temporaliy fixed it by wedging part of a pen in. I found the broken bit, and then 3d printed an insert for it - used the non-broken one as a template (you can pull them straight out with out much effort)...
FYI, they are used as stoppers to hold a metal rod in the cover as well... :cool:
@SpeedtekTH @AtlCade69 thanks for the replys guys. Yeah both the stoppers broke in the same place - where half of the peg that plugs into the cover snapped off. Half is inside and half is still attached to the stopper. We found some "handles" for the covers sold seperately so I'll see if I can get the right part. I emailed Mopar customer support.. it'll be interesting to see what comes of that. It would be a shame to have to replace the whole cargo cover for a couple parts that seem very easy to replace and instal on their own.
I'll update the post if I find a part that works.

Cheers, have a great holiday weekend!
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If we could get a good 3D scan we could possibly print them. I lost one for my cover.
Good point - maybe there is a 3D print shop in Los Angeles I could take one to, to get it scanned and printed. I'd be happy to share the scans with anyone who could print their own. Mine are missing half the pin length ways but perhaps that is enough to build an image. I'll look into it next week.
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May have been an availability issue in the '22
Here are the part #(s) interesting - pointing to the flap on the tonneau diagram is a 'Cargo Cover Handle Kit' which includes Bumpers:cool:, maybe these are the elusive end pieces...

View attachment 220035
View attachment 220036
Thanks for sharing that! I had found something similar but it was for a Grand Cherokee.. It would be nice to know if this Cover handle part fits the Cherokees.

For anyone interested - I spoke with a 3D print shop in LA and they quoted me $495 to scan the broken part and $750 to "design" and print. I think that might be for each part. Way more expensive than I expected but I have zero experience with the 3D print world. Maybe best bet is to grab one of these "Genuine Mopar Cargo Cover Handle Kit 6JZ04DX9AA" cargo handles from ebay for $20 and hope they fit.
Or just buy a completely new cover from Amazon for a few bucks more. Don't know what year model you have, but I have a 2018 and bought an aftermarket cover for it when it was new for about $65 US. It has held up extremely well, still looks and works like new. It looks like there are several on Amazon from about $75-90 US.
Thanks for the suggestion, I hadn't thought about that but yes for that price it's worth it I think. I have a 2019. Looks like there are a few options - cheers!
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