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Cargo Security Cover - TH?

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I've got a new TH with Nav and Leather (includes cold weather package). Should this vehicle have come with a Cargo Security Cover? I don't have one, and the delivery was a bit of a rushed affair so its possible that it just got lost in the shuffle.

I've got an email into the sales genie that I bought it through but won't hear for awhile. I read and searched the forums for this and while I see some references to TH's and these covers, no definitive answers.


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Mine came with a cover, I would think it's standard on the TH's.
mine didn't come with one and the parts guy couldn't find it in the system so I could buy one........new model wait (NMW)
like I'm waiting for my instrument cluster (3 weeks)
and the TH hitch................
welcome to the New Model Blues NMB
(yes, I'm getting cynical......)
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I think it comes with one of the packages... which one I don't know.
Think you have to have the comfort/convenience pkg
^ correct. It is part of the comfort / convenience package.
That's what I thought. I leased my TH and don't want to get dinged if something's "missing" at vehicle return time.

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