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Can you get $ off MSRP if you do a new build?

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Thinking of getting a new Jeep but can’t find the build I want within the 200 mile search radius with all the options I want and I am not settling for anything less this time.

My question is, if I have it built with all the options I want from the factory, will I pay full MSRP\sticker price? Or say the build comes to $40K, will I be able to wiggle them down from that price?

For example if the build I wanted was on the lot for sticker $40K, we all know I can get them lower than sticker. Just not sure if that wiggle room works when you do a build? Hopefully this makes sense.
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Are you a Costco or other bulk-store member? I used the Costco auto deal to get my special order at invoice less $1,000 and all incentives (like cash back) included. "Invoice" is a bit made up and really doesn't reflect dealer cost, but it's easy to verify. Getting a deal at invoice is good, getting all incentives on top of that is better, and getting the Costco discount on top of all of that is best! No haggling either.

Could you do better? It might be worth a try.

Edit: And just to be clear, invoice is always much lower than MSRP.
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