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Buying strategy

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So we're going to be purchasing a Cherokee in the next 2 months and have narrowed down to pretty much exactly what we want - 2019 TH (or TH Elite), has to have Towing Package and we're open to a few color options. We're open to other packages, really depends on what the pricing comes down to.

Wondering what other people have done when trying to negotiate the best price? I HATE dealing with salespeople in the showroom and would just rather have all negotiations done ahead of time via email...

We have at least 20 Jeep dealers within an hour's drive of where we live and I don't have any particular dealership I'm attached to (since I can always get service done someplace else from where I purchase).

We will need financing (and our credit isn't perfect), but we know we can get fairly easily approved, just will be a slightly higher interest rate. I also intend to get an approval (or two) from a local bank/CU ahead of time and then let the dealer's finance department see if they can beat it.

Looking online right now, most dealers are offering anywhere around $8k off sticker (including incentives)...some pretty good deals in my opinion.

We might have a trade-in (depending on how quickly we can sell our old Liberty), but I look at that as a 2nd part of the transaction.

Just wondering about any strategies other people have done?
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Be careful we used capital one auto finder and found a Trailhawk Elite with everything but the rock rails for 29500 so I called and asked if that price was with incentives and they said no so we drove 200 miles to that dealer and when we got there they said it was a mistake and they had taken it off the website. Well I saved the screenshot from their site and capital one site and gave them the name of the person I talked to and asked them to honor the price I was given otherwise I wouldn't have drone 200 miles well reluctantly they honored the price while scolding me that I cannot use my Capital One pre-approval and have to use Chrysler Capital to purchase the vehicle I said that's fine and went ahead with the purchase but from that moment on I was treated like a second-class citizen because I was getting a deal I never got a second key fob they didn't even want to give me the manuals when I picked it up they also didn't give me the $1,000 I should have gotten from financing through Chrysler Capital so I guess the moral of the story is getting a great deal isn't always the great feeling of what it should be I feel they should have just sucked it up and treated me like everyone else especially because it's my second trailhawk I have a 14 + 19.
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Yes true story they told me they lost it so I call everyday and finally they said if I drive up there they will program one.
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