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brake problem?

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im on my 350mile now. (approaching a stop light) the problem is when i'm starting to step on the brakes and slowly putting in pressure, the jeep slows down (obviously) then suddenly you'll feel like the break slips then again the brakes engage then you further slow down and stop.
the brake slip (as I call it) is about spit second long when your still stepping on the breaks.
happened to me 3x now since I got my limited on the Dec 20th
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I have a new 2014 Cherokee. Always, after the jeep has been parked for awhile, when I begin to back up in reverse I get a jerk and a loud crunching type sound in the front of the car. The parking brake is not on. Anyone else have this issue or suggestions? The dealer had the jeep for 2 days and claims he could not repeat the problem. The first time I drove the jeep after getting home, I had the problem.
Probably should introduce yourself before complaining on post one or most will think you are trolling.....
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