Bulletproof Off Road Adapters (BORA) .75” and 1.0” spacers for 2014+ Jeep Cherokees.

Hub and wheel centric
5 x 110 bolt pattern
65.1mm bore
Two (2) .75” and two (2) 1.0” spacers
Twenty (20) 12mm x 1.25 bolts to mount spacers to hub
Twenty (20) 12mm x 1.25 black conical lug nuts to mount wheels to spacers

This package is $325 from Motorsport Tech and comes with a free six week wait. Buy these for $225 including shipping and have them in 2-3 days. These were on my Trailhawk for 300 miles from my home to Assateague Island and back. I am taking $100 off what I paid and including shipping, so please do not bother me with offers less than $225.

Backstory: I have a 2020 Trailhawk with an MFC Offroad 2” lift and 245/70R17 Toyo Open Country A/T III. With the .75” spacers up front I had slight rubbing on the fender liner when making sharp turns. With 245/65R17 tires and/or a pre-2018 KL these should not cause rubbing. Despite how good the Trailhawk looks with these spacers (to me) I couldn’t justify the rubbing (to my wife).