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BoldRide lists it's 10 Favorite Special Edition Jeeps

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FOudn this fun article that lists BoldRide's 10 favorite special edition Jeeps.

Here is the list and you can find the complete article through the link at the bottom.

2012 Wrangler unlimited Freedom Edition

2012 Wrangler Mountain Special Edition

2011 Compass 70th Anniversary Edition

2009 Wrangler Unlimited EV

2012 Compass True North

2013 Wrangler Moab

2013 Wrangler Call of Duty MW3 Special Edition

2013 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk

2012 Grand Cherokee SRT8 Formula 1

2013 Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition

Well that is them! Do these special edition Jeeps inspire you to think of what special edition Cherokees we might see?

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Bet you anything that Jeep is saving those black wheels in the promo shots for the special edition.
I could see that being the case. It is cool to see the Grand Cherokee special editions because it gives a pretty good idea of what a special edition Cherokee could look like. I wonder how long it will take before Jeep releases a special edition Cherokee. Mercedes and Ford are releasing special editions with the regular models release, but I guess Jeep isn't doing that or we would have heard by now. Jeep does like special edition models though so it must just be a matter of time.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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