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For the Beatty Wash part of the run we exited 95N at Fluer Dis Lis road and followed it to a road that parallels Cat Canyon Rd. This unnamed road will lead you to the Cat Canyon Road where you would turn right and head into Beatty Wash proper. Beatty wash is very loose and rocky in some areas you will have to pick your way through the rocks or like us, crawl over 'em. We just left the TH in auto and let it do its thing. We did do the fire road up to the Silicon Mine. This road is also loose in areas but again, let auto do its thing. On the decent fm the mine to the wash we did engage hill decent. Such a cool feature. While in the wash we were rewarded with all kinds of life, many different types of lizards, rabbits, birds of prey, coyotes and ready for this a deer. Never thought we would see a deer at that elevation and in this vegetation. This trail does cross through ranch land and there are two gates to go through. We ask that you please close and secure the gates behind you.

Goldbar/Bullfrog mine- These mines are over by Rhyolite. Take the paved road to the left just before you get into Rhyolite, this turns to dirt just past a red barn. The path we took was mostly well graded fire road. At the third intersection fm the pavement we made a right to go up to the Gold Bar Mine. BLM has done a great job in keeping you fm driving up to this mine all the way. You are blocked by some major rocks, at least fm a KL cherokee standpoint but you can hike in if you wish. We didn't wish too. Just up fm this one blocked entrance there is another access to a pit mine, this one you can drive to. Back on the main part of the trail you come to a Y in the road, we took the left fork, this over to the next intersection and followed this road back over to Bull Frog mine. At Bull Frog BLM did another excellent job blocking the roads to prevent KL's fm entering but you can hike in if you wish. Some structures left. On this route we were rewarded with a covey of Chuckers and epic views of the Amargosa Valley. As for road conditions, well maintained BLM road but don't go racing down it as there are dips and some edge washouts that you will just want to roll through.
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