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Back up camera upgrade after the fact?

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Hi, I'm the new owner of a Latitude 4x4 with the 8.4 uconnect option. However it did not come with a backup cam. Does anyone know if the car is still pre-wired for the factory backup camera? If the dealer can retro fit it? I ask because today the neighbor's little girl decided to play behind my car as I was entering my garage. I was about to back up to make adjustments, fortunately I saw her in the side mirror. If she wasn't off to the side but straight behind I probably wouldn't have been able to see her. I regret not getting the option.
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I've never really looked - what's in place of the backup camera on the non-equipped ones? (or would installation involve cutting a hole in the gate?)

Worst case, you can get wireless aftermarket ones for cheap -- probably a whole lot cheaper than retrofitting one.
Look for an item called LockPick C8 for Chrysler products. It allows you to add all kinds of features to the 8.4 including multiple cameras.
Ah, I think that lockpick c8 has potential. I'm assuming it will void certain warranties? I checked the hatch and placing a cam in the oem position will require some cutting. I'll see what options the dealer has when I go in for my first oil change but will research the lockpick in the meantime. I've done audio video installations before, but on older cars without todays crazy integrated electronics.

My God. How old is she and where were her parents?
After getting my wifes GC with a BU camera I will never get another car without it.
There are aftermarket options as well. Requires some wiring I am sure.
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ironfinger - Did you end up getting the Lockpit C8 or find any other way to install a back up camera? Thx
back up

I thought the camera came w/ the 8.4, or does it only come w/ the comfort/conv. group?
After getting my wifes GC with a BU camera I will never get another car without it.
This will be a moot point soon since backup cameras will be required on all vehicles as of 2016.
I know it can be added to the GC after the fact because I was looking into the Altitude and the earlier run of them did not have the backup camera. The dealer quoted $900 for it.

Does not hurt to ask the dealer.
After Market Camera on a 2014 Jeep Cherokee

I just added a aftermarket camera to my 2014 Cherokee, it took time but it works and it looks good.

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2014 Cherokee backup camera

So what did you buy? NAV-TV? Sightline? Lockpick? Who put it in. Any details?
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