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Az newbee ...

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Hello! I'm new here and a KL intender. I live near Tucson, AZ, in Oro Valley. I am a person of mature years and find myself, having achieved "geezer" status, a credentialed appraiser focused on unique, exotic, historic, prestige, hot rod and racing motor vehicles. With a more-than-six-decade motorsports background, I consider this the ultimate car guy job.

Interestingly enough, I find myself - with increasing frequency - called upon to inspect vehicles located in areas wherein access requires off-road capability. I love my Dodge Charger Hemi but clearly the need has changed. And having read the current spate of road tests, the KL seems ideal. Access to the KL Trailhawk
climbs to the high 30's, so I'm gonna do lotsa homework. This site will be my starting point. Thank you.

Onward and upward!
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Welcome DSRTDWELR. I lived for 3 years in the Mojave desert. I think a V6 Cherokee TH would be a lot of fun out there.
Welcome from Texas. Sounds like a great job to have.
Welcome! I have a family member at UofA in Tucson.

I'm sure you've seen some fine vehicles over the years!
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