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AutoGuide Reviews 2016 Cherokee TH

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Interesting review. Here is the verdict and the link to the whole review.

The Verdict: 2016 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Review

Coming in at $31,990 with destination, our tester featured the V6 engine, a bunch of safety and driver assistance features, in addition to the leather seating package, arriving with an as-tested price of $39,060. That’s a lot of money for a compact crossover, but the Cherokee Trailhawk does so many things that others in its segment can’t. Sure, some might call it ugly (a few editors in the AutoGuide.com office sure think so) but there’s no denying Jeep’s success with the Cherokee. Selling more than 200,000 units last year, this crossover is hitting the sweet spot for many buyers. The fact is that the off-road ready, V6-powered and tough Trailhawk will speak to those who want a bit more street cred – and off-road cred, in this case – from their compact crossover.

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Even with all the transmission issues, I still marvel at how comfortable a ride my Trailhawk is, despite it's strong off road ability.

I like the author's description of the transmission issue I'm having with the new 2016 transmission in mine: "Still, when speed is needed, the car will eventually get in the right gear and get going."
Thanks for sharing. I thought the Eco Green was no longer available?
Thanks for sharing. I thought the Eco Green was no longer available?
I thought it was cut about 1 month into the production year?! If so, this one is an early 2016 model.
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Always nice to read some good news. Thanks for sharing.
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