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For the last few months I've had the Start/Stop not available, battery charging constantly on. So, with just over a month left before the factory warranty expires, I got it to the dealer to have it checked out. They checked it out and determined that the IBS was the problem and replaced it. Dropped the car off night before, the service rep contacted me the next afternoon with the test results and said they needed to order the IBS and replaced it the next day. Hopefully, this will fix the problem and it's not the battery.

This is the only issue I've had with this Jeep and can say that my local Jeep service department has been great to work with on this problem and have never had any difficulty with their "Express Lane Oil Change" service in the past.

WooHoo ~ one for the dealer!
Well, the Intelligent Battery Sensor replacement did not solve the Start/Stop not available, battery charging problem. I did drive the Jeep over 100 miles and it did not reset or start working again.

My battery failed not too long ago, and when it was in bad shape the automatic start/stop turned itself off. The new battery resolved that problem.

However, a few days ago I found another cause for auto stop/start disabling itself related to the hood open/closed sensor.

I had popped the hood release but forgot to actually look under the hood. When I pulled out on the road, the dash flashed a warning that ESS was disabled. I thought the battery must be failing again, so I pulled over to make sure because I was heading off-road and didn't want to end up with a failed battery in the middle of nowhere. As I stopped, I remembered the hood, closed it, and turned off and restarted the Jeep and the problem was gone.

So, I set up an appointment with the same service advisor and dropped it off for more troubleshooting and sure enough after a couple of days of testing the battery, it was failing. They put a new battery in and also changed a hood open/closed sensor.

Now everything seems to be fine ~ that's a good thing as my factory warranty is ending a week from today.

Once again ~ WooHoo for the dealer!
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