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Don't know about your state but in Arizona, that's a legal no-no to be active while driving. Full text of the statute:

28-963. Image display device; prohibition; exceptions; definition
A. While a person is driving a motor vehicle and the motor vehicle is in motion on a public roadway or on an off-highway vehicle trail as defined in section 28-1171, the person shall not:
1. View a broadcast television image or a visual image from an image display device within the motor vehicle unless the visual image is a static background image or imagery in support of mapping services or applications.
2. Watch a video or movie on a portable wireless communication device or stand-alone electronic device other than watching data related to the navigation of the motor vehicle, except that a person may view data related to the navigation of the motor vehicle, vehicle information or information related to driving a motor vehicle.
3. Record or broadcast a video on a portable wireless communication device or stand-alone electronic device, except that the person may use the devices for the sole purpose of continuously recording or broadcasting video within or outside of the motor vehicle.

B. A person shall not operate a motor vehicle with an image display device that is visible to a driver seated in a normal driving position when the vehicle is in motion.

C. This section does not apply to any of the following:
1. Emergency vehicles.
2. Image display devices that do any of the following:
(a) Display images that provide a driver with navigation and related traffic, road and weather information.
(b) Provide vehicle information, controls or information related to driving a vehicle.
(c) Enhance or supplement a driver's view of the area to the front, rear or side of the vehicle.
(d) Permit a driver to monitor the vehicle occupants seated behind the driver.
(e) Display information intended to enhance traffic safety.
3. Image display devices that are built into the motor vehicle and that do not display images to a driver while the vehicle is in motion.
4. Image display devices that are portable and are not used to display dynamic visual images other than for purposes of navigation or global positioning to a driver while the vehicle is in motion.
5. Image display devices present in vehicles of a public service corporation or any political subdivision of this state and used for service or maintenance of its facilities.
6. Any use of an image display device while the vehicle is parked.

D. For the purposes of this section:
1. "Image display device" means equipment capable of displaying to the driver of a motor vehicle rapidly changing images that are either of the following:
(a) A broadcast television image or similar entertainment content transmitted by other wireless means to the image display device.
(b) A dynamic visual image, other than text, from a digital video disc or other storage device.
2. "Portable wireless communication device" has the same meaning prescribed in section 28-914.
3. "Stand-alone electronic device" has the same meaning prescribed in section 28-914.

Also, almost every state and most of Canada has distracted driving laws that cover just about anything that takes your eyes off the road.

Having said that, I suppose there is value to having a movie to watch while you are parked, like at a rest area. Just don't drain your battery!
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Exactly, stuck in the parking lot while the significate other is spending hours in Target or at the store. Out camping, or for me when storm chasing i can easily now have live radar feed from the NWS up.
Yeah - I wish there was an AA app to show live weather radar. This would do it!

Not condoning it but, most people are not going to care if it is illegal or not. Most people speed that is illegal, and the big thing most jeepers do is having uncovered aftermarket lighting systems (lightbars/pods) as most states require them to have a cover when on roads even when not in use. Lets also not talk about all the led/hid conversions in the group lol.
It's not that most people are honest about vehicle laws - there are tons of violations every day, and speeding is clearly the most prevalent. It's that the interwebs are full of stories about people getting sued, ticketed, jailed, or otherwise dipped in deep $h!t for infractions that were in play at the time of an accident. But, as they used to say, boys will be boys. What's the politically-correct version of that saying these days?
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