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Anyone read the claptrap C&D comparo article that came out today?

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If you haven't, not much to bother with.....pretty much full hate-on for the Cherokee for some reason.

Apparently the interior is dated...not really sure if they've actually ever even been in one...lol
Seems a little Piers Morgan on Meghan Markle to me.........

"Plus, the angle of the wheel itself made us feel as if we were driving a bus." - do they not understand how the steering wheel is adjusted?

Take 'em out in the bush and do a full test, let's see who comes out on top......

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I think it would have been a better comparison if they Cherokee Trailhawk to be compared with the Bronco Sport Badlands and maybe the Rav4 TRD model? Also there are a few car reviewers that are releasing information that the Bronco Sports are overheating in rare instances when pushed to the limit like the Trailhawks. This is due to the dual clutch design for the rear and them adding the liquid cooling system as there is no rear locker. But these instances real world seem to be letting it sit for 2-3 minutes and it immediately cools down enough to re engage the 4x4 system.
The Bronco Sports overheating is interesting I'll say. Hopefully they get that figured out quickly.
To be fair, the Bronco Sport Badlands does do better than Subaru off road, just not as good as the Trailhawk because of the simulated locker. If someone is looking at crossovers without going body on frame, its either the Trailhawk or if you had the money, the Defender is the only Unibody that has a rear locker besides the Trailhawk? I think the main reason they aren't comparing the Cherokee vs the Bronco Sport maybe because the Compass uses the software driven off road system which is similar to the Bronco vs actual hardware driven 4x4. I still think they will do well in sales though, overlanding and off roading has become very popular.
The compass and renegade doesn't use software driven off road. Functionally they are the same.

Compass/Renegade Trailhawks "4-low" = the vehicle forced into 1st gear only (TH models also have a 4.33 final drive vs 3.73 of non TH's) Its very similar to the Bronco sport, nothing is simulated it is what is it. There is no low range gear reduction, it uses brake lock differentials just like all the other jeep models but no locker.

The Bronco Sport has a similar AWD system however it differs in that, you can lock the AWD system front to rear (just in high range though no low range) and its rear differential can actually be locked and neither of these features are present in the Compass/Renegade THs

In a really simplified manner, the Bronco Sport is like a Compass/Renegade TH it just doesn't have low range (and the additional features listed above)

Compared to a Cherokee TH it lacks low range and that's it.
Nope, the Bronco Sport doesn't have an actual rear locker, its a simulated rear locker using a twin clutch system, hence why its been overheating. Its very clever technology, but its software driven with hardware components to simulate. No idea why they just didn't put a rear locker in, you think it would be easier?
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Twin clutch or not its more effective than a brake based system that the Compass/Renegade uses, especially when there is no low range, so less parasitic drive losses = more capability.

The Cherokee RDM has clutches and they overheat too offroad, Id much rather take a bronco sport over a renegade and compass. Just wondering do the transmissions suck in the Bronco Sport as well?
I don't think so, seems like everything is a ZF transmission these days either 8 or 9 speed. I know alot of the articles talk about an easy fix would be to use larger clutches, so that could be a possible mod to fix the issue if you used it to off road alot.
And Motorotrend tested the Bronco Sport (BS for short....hahahaha) against the Compass TH in full off-road capacity
Quite frankly that was the one they should have thrown the Cherokee version into the mix.
I don't know how I feel about the review.... The author actually said the Bronco Sport Badlands has a locking rear differential, which it doesn't.... Thats kind of a big thing when you're off roading, although I think the Renegade does do better off road than the compass does.
The Bronco Sport actually does......Neither the Compass/Renegade do.

The Compass and Renegade have the Identical drivetrain the renegade weighs slightly less but their capability is the same
Nope, its that dual clutch whatever thingy remember lol, no true locker unfortunately. I think the Renegade also got a power up last year as you have different engine options compared to the Compass. I really want to see what the 4xe versions can do compared to the current ones we have available in the States.... Europe and Australia always get the cool stuff, like a Diesel Cherokee KL :(
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Its a mechanical device that makes the rear axles spin at the same speed without massive parasitic drive loss like the brake lock differentials are in the Compass/Renegade. That would be like saying the WK2 Grand Cherokee "doesn't have a rear locker" because it's a rear Electronic Limited Slip Differential (ELSD) except that it functions 100% like one and locks the rear axles together on command and automatically.

So if the end result is something functioning like a locker then who cares what it's called? If you don't know then don't try to argue otherwise. Its quite easy to see GKN describing exactly how their twin clutch rear differential functions.

As for a different engine for the renegade and compass, there is a 1.3 Turbo in some models, 177hp/200ft/lbs it's also been around for a few years.

Fun fact it isnt any faster than the 2.4 either

Fact is the AWD hardware on the Bronco Sport is better and more capable than the Compass/Renegade platform.

If you compared to a cherokee i'd say its a Active Drive 1.5, since again you can lock the AWD system front to rear and can "lock" the rear differential. When you lack the low range gear reduction and have a rear differential that can lock you greatly increase the capability because you aren't losing so much power to the brake lock differential system, again this is why the Bronco Sport IS better than the Compass/Renegade
I agree that the Bronco is better than the Compass, just maybe not the Renegade, although there are other factors for this that aren't manufacturer specific and can easily change with time like after market support. I would say the WK2 Grand doesn't have a locker, but the ELSD does work well. When you read the article though, the Bronco Sport can't make the same claim as the overheating issues keep occuring when off roading in a more meaningful way. As mentioned before, this could be down to the use of smaller clutches which i'm assuming was to save cost and the added liquid cooler that still could probably be a bit bigger. Once it fixes that issue, I would say that differential would work just as well as the WK2. I think we'll see more results as they sell more and people that want to off road it start. I'm sure they will have an easy mod that allows that differential to handle more with a slight upgrade. I am looking forward to more cross overs hitting up harder trails traditionally 4x4 only.
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The grand cherokee ELSD does function like a locker you know why? Because I've tested it and can command it to lock and unlock when I want.

How is the renegade better offroad than the compass when its the identical platform?
its that little bit of lower weight plus larger aftermarket support. I know TFL did a hill climb with both models and for some reason the renegade made it but the compass didn't, even though having almost identical stats.
Found this explanation from Motortrend which better describes the rear that acts as a locker, but even states that it can't do it for prolonged periods of time.
Rear Axle Torque Distribution: Models powered by the 1.5-liter engine get a typical open rear differential, with individual wheel braking helping direct torque to the wheel with better grip. On Badlands models, the rear differential is replaced with a simple bevel gear driving half shafts fitted with multi-plate clutches that engage drive to each rear wheel. That means that of the 50 percent of engine torque making its way aft, all can be applied to either rear wheel for torque vectoring akin to what you find on the latest Toyota RAV4 Adventure models or some GKN Twinster rear axle fitments like the Cadillac XT5's (note that the Bronco Sport system doesn't "over-speed" the outside tire as on the Ford Focus RS). There's also a rear-diff-lock switch like on the big Bronco, and certain drive modes lock the rear axle automatically. Note that the rear axle clutch packs are not actively cooled, and prolonged rock climbing can temporarily overheat them. When this happens, power is reduced briefly to allow them to cool.
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So slightly less weight and more aftermarket, yes on cosmetic things, nothing to do with the drivetrain they are totally identical all part numbers the same its the same AWD system and nothing else. So from a drivetrain capability standpoint, they are the same. You can lift a compass 4" you can lift a Renegade 4" but the drivetrain is still the same.
They are a little different, drivetrain is only one aspect of off roading. My point before is that Ford is marketing the Bronco Sport as if it is a go anywhere rugged vehicle when it uses the torque vectoring technology as a locker, but it ends up overheating due to i'm assuming cost cutting savins of using smaller clutch and inadequate liquid cooling for heavier applications. The ELSD is different from what the Bronco Sport is using, thats why I linked that article explaining what technology they are using when it comes to simulated locker. I would say the WK2 could utilize the ELSD for much longer and more effectively than the Bronco Sport. Imagine if you will that you were off roading all day because you like off roading crossovers instead of some 4x4 toy and you aren't rich enough to afford a Razor or Can AM, but while you are ascending a precarious line, the 4wd shuts off because of overheating... I know we are lax on marketing in the States, but I think they could have at least added 4low or a proper locker. I was hoping they would have stepped it up for a proper competitor to the Cherokee Trailhawk, not the Compass or Renegade :(
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Active Drive 1.5, that's hilarious Tyler!!! The Bronco Sport is far superior to a Compass or Renegade, but I'm not about to trade the Trailhawk in on one, because that's not even close, and I'm a Ford guy. A true mechanical locker in a modern vehicle is pretty nonexistent nowadays. Even Land Rover uses an ELSD system. They work exactly the same, I'm pretty sure that Jeep is probably one of the only manufacturer that still uses a mechanical locker, possibly the only. A Ford Raptor, and that fancy new Ram don't have mechanical lockers, and they are very capable as anything with a mechanical. Modern technology...😎
Does the 4runner run a mechanical locker?
Then what is different about them. All identical drivetrain part numbers, same engine ect, what's different from an offroad capability perspective other than approach/departure angles while are within 1-2 degrees of each other, the compass has 0.2 less ground clearance.

There is a 60lb difference in curb weight
So we can go with lighter, even 60lbs could make a difference, although not sure about ground clearance that miniscule would make much impact. At this point you want a Peer Reviewed study on the differences and what constitutes better. I doubt I could find anything that scientific for you lol, you're literally nitpicking so much that its ridiculous :p Also you keep running back to the rear locker issue as well, which I have shown whats different about them. I assume you just want to be right at this point? Personally though, with the aftermarket support as well as reduced curbweight, I think the Renegade does do a better job off road, but thats my opinion :) One other critique we can do is that the Grand Cherokee WK2 platform that has the ELSD also has a low range which the Bronco Sport is lacking which does impact off road ability.
Is the Bronco Sport supposed to compete with a Grand Cherokee?

Again Its target market = Compass/Renegade and it still does a better job than they do offroad, oh and I never mentioned the superior engine option in the Bronco Sport too.
Blah, yes, the Bronco Sport does have superior engine compared to those two, but thats only because Jeep doesn't want to be too awesome. Why do you think you can't get options, they don't want to spoil you :p I'm still waiting to see what aftermarket support they come out with, its a new world for crossovers getting more love.
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This is by far the best explanation of the awd off road system as well as a mention to a moment when it overheated on him at the very end.
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They just should have just built this one instead!!!😎 View attachment 213769
Lol, eventually... I know they contracted out a few companies to ensure aftermarket support exists for the Bronco, so it should be interesting once they release it.
I'd rather not have an awd system that will overheat and shut the 4wd system off lol. They could have made it awesome, but they just went basic with it :( This reviewer actually explains the clutch system and how it is NOT a locking rear diff. If you go into the comment section, he even talks about the center clutch, but how its marketed as a center diff even though its not either. I bet it would do better than a compass, but his loaner was over 40k, thats definitely Cherokee territory. I'm still looking into instances where the compass and renegade shut off 4wd from overheating, but i'm not that familiar with it as the Bronco Sport would be a no go for what I do.
Ew to that overheating issue... I can't imagine being on some of the trails i've done and losing 4wd like that. I wonder if they ever alleviated the issue in the 2021 models vs the 2017 you showed. Kinda like how Cherokee transmissions work a little better in the newer models due to the software updates for the ZF Transmission. I did see one reviewer for the Bronco Sport say they could increase the size of the clutches to reduce the overheating issue, although he was an engineer and i'm not lol.
Ack, I missed that comment, the reviewer on the youtube video stated that the Bronco Sports limitation on the climb was it disengages 4wd while the 4runner like our trailhawks have actual 4low that allows it to do the same climb.
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I expect to see some videos then, fun fact when all 4 wheels are spinning that's not the vehicle's fault that's called no traction and was the issue most of the time.
I think he's referencing how the 4runner was able to get through as the youtube reviewer also stated that the 4x4 system is able to keep cool while the bronco sport overheated from lack of not only 4low, but rear locker as its system overheated. Its at the end of the video where he brings out the 4runner to show the difference. on the same trail with the same line.
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That's a good review. So my conclusion:
  • No low range.
  • No true rear diff lock.
  • Expensive for what it is (my opinion).

  • Inclinometer in dash.
  • Manual shifting option.
  • Falken Wildpeak tires as stock.
  • Likely many 3rd party accessory options.
  • Proper buttons on the dash and a surprisingly moderately sized display screen.

It wouldn't do for my use since I do need proper 4-low on occasion and I really appreciate having a proper rear locker as an extra insurance in a pinch. And I've sworn many years ago to never own a Ford. And I don't like the look of the front end. But for someone who is looking at a Subaru, Renegade, Compass, or even a non-TH KL, it sure looks like a serious contender. Hopefully for those owners, the transmission proves more reliable than ours.
You forgot to add that it has a full size spare, but its for the regular version, so it doesn't match the wildpeaks.... that is probably the weirdest option to me
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