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Anyone read the claptrap C&D comparo article that came out today?

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If you haven't, not much to bother with.....pretty much full hate-on for the Cherokee for some reason.

Apparently the interior is dated...not really sure if they've actually ever even been in one...lol
Seems a little Piers Morgan on Meghan Markle to me.........

"Plus, the angle of the wheel itself made us feel as if we were driving a bus." - do they not understand how the steering wheel is adjusted?

Take 'em out in the bush and do a full test, let's see who comes out on top......

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Hey, I love my Cherokee, but I'm married to my wife, not to Jeep. If this new Bronco really rocks I will certainly give it a strong look when I'm thinking about getting a new car.

I would really like to stick with Cherokee, but the Cherokee I would buy next isn't being made (yet?). I would love one with just a bit more off-road possibilities: better approach and departure angles, ability to use 35s easily, more clearance, etc. If Ford builds that vehicle in a reliable and attractive package, why shouldn't I consider it?

I love the Wrangler Rubicons, and I had a 2005. But I spend 90% or more of my time with the vehicle on-road. IFS might well be a better choice for me. I'm tall and large, and when I sit in the Wrangler, it's just not particularly comfortable for me in the driving position. The Cherokee fits me great, but doesn't nail everything I'd like to do off-road.

I hope in a year or so, Jeep will have an option for me, but if not, .............
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