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anybody drive 2014+ then switch to a 2019+?

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I've got a 2014 Limited, been very happy with it & am thinking of shopping for a 2019 Limited. anybody make the same switch? if so was it a good move? if not, in hind sight would you rather have moved into a 2018 Limited instead?
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Having owned several Jeeps with sunroofs I never used, I now look for Jeeps without one, lol.
ADII feel? I didn't notice any real difference going from ADI to ADII.
Ditto- I never use the sunroof, so wouldn't pay extra for it.
It's a much better Cherokee. My '15 had atrocious lighting, you couldn't see anything on the road at night. While I never had any failures with the ZF 9spd, there were plenty of growing pains and the 3.2 was always underpowered but didn't make up for it with efficiency. The 2.0t in the '19 I bought for my daughter is so much nicer to drive and matches up better with the ZF 9spd. The front end is more attractive as well, only slight drawback is I still kind of like the rear of the pre-19s a tish better. I would never have bought another 14-18 even if I hadn't found the 19 2.0t TH I did.
I've never thought the 3.2 felt underpowered- the 9 speed tranny is funky in that it doesn't seem to want to downshift, but if you kick it in the power seems fine to me. I've never driven the turbo though- no one around my neck of the woods has them. All new and used TH's on dealer lots have the 3.2.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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