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Anvil Trailhawk

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... Is here! :)

Upgraded sound
Comfort & convenience
Backup cam

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Perfect weather to see how it performs.
Woot! Congrats and welcome to the forums, we almost have twin 'Kee's!

Lots of great tips and info here!
Love the Anvil!! I had a hard decision between that and my cherry red

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Anvil was my first choice but it is what it is. Congrats.
I just bought the same exact car a week ago. Loving it. First suv i ever drove.
Acidsnow, i dont have a cd player but everything else is fully loaded. Are you the same way?
Very nice! I would have got Anvil if it came in the limited ... best color out there imo. It looks great, congrats!
Looks great! Congratz!!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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