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Hi everyone! I need a bit of advice from you all. I have a 14 Cherokee and was backing out of the garage and didn’t know the door had stopped going up. It missed the roof luckily but it snapped the antenna base and slightly pushed down the metal at the front of the base. The dealership put the new one on, but the new base doesn’t sit flush at the back now due to the metal being slightly dented.

They supposedly put silicone around the mounting hole underneath the base so it didn’t leak, but I don’t fully trust that they did as I had issues with them putting the new one on and don’t want to take chances of it leaking. If the back is pushed down then it sits flush without the front raising up, so I’m thinking of squeezing a little adhesive underneath and mounting the back flush and then a little bead of black silicone around the base to make sure it doesn’t leak as I don’t know how good they have the hole under the base. What adhesive would you use that would work the best for the strongest hold? It would need a fairly fine tip as there’s not much of a gap to get it under.

I’m going to put the Visual Garage shark fin on so you won’t see the silicone around the base anyways once it’s all done. I just don’t want to go to a carwash and have it leaking in.

Thanks for the advice and suggestions! Have a great day! 🙂


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