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My local and trusted jeep shop installed the Dobinsons lift kit plus the 0.75” spacer pairs in the rear (Energy Suspension 2.6103G). It now handles better than stock and I’m sharing in case it helps anyone.

The shop does this stuff every day and thought it would be more than 3 or 4 hrs labor going into it. It ended up being just under 9 hrs labor including replacing a torn ball joint boot and alignment. They had to ream the holes in the front strut. Also got a discount which helped.

Shop notes:

Install customer provided lift kit and align.
Dissemble and build front struts.
Ream holes in the front strut to line up with the holes in the knuckle.
Install 4 spacers in the rear.
Test drive.
By the hour.

Alignment measurements (Left Right)
Camber .9 .7
Caster 3.9 3.5
Total Toe .09
Camber -.1 0
Total Toe -.2


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