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Accessories- Cargo mat

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Has anyone found a cargo mat yet for the cherokee? Looking for one that'll protect the cargo area either with seats up or down (not picky on this one).
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I wrote to WeatherTech requesting products for the 2014 Cherokee. Used to have their products installed in previous cars but nothing for the Cherokee yet. So far, mopar.com only shows the cargo net, although I was able to get the wheel locks in amazon.com ( they are different form the ones I had bought before at auto parts)
I wrote to Weathertech also, about a month ago while I was waiting for my Trailhawk to be delivered. Definitely need to get something back there for protection.
So, husky liners has their Cherokee liner available now. They sure didn't put forth much effort in trying to mold it to fit the curves of the Cherokee cargo area. Basically it's a square rubber mat for $102.

I think I'll wait for Weathertech.
I get what you are saying, but If you simply look at the picture of the weather tech model on the previous page of this thread, you will see that the weather tech model is perfectly molded to conform to the curves of the Cherokee cargo area. This one is not.
I went to Walmart and bought a black cargo mat there for $15 in the auto department. It is rubber but thin. My wife trimmed it to fit the cargo area with the rear seats up. It looks decent and protects the carpet area. Later if I decide to buy a Jeep one, I only spent the $15 bucks.
Went to Walmart today and got the same mat! Outstanding! Thanks for the heads up! Looks great!
1 - 4 of 65 Posts
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