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Accessories- Cargo mat

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Has anyone found a cargo mat yet for the cherokee? Looking for one that'll protect the cargo area either with seats up or down (not picky on this one).
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yeah, there is no storage for those that get the optional spare tire or have a trailhawk/limited which come with them
Not true. I have a Cherokee Limited, Active Drive II, with off road suspension, and compact spare tire. I do have the storage "thing um a bob" in the cargo area under the floor. The cargo area is 3 layered: 1.) floor 2.) storage 3.) spare tire
Strange, the Limited I looked at had a cover and a spare underneath, nothing in between
Doubt it...probably was either shipped without it or the dealer had it removed for some reason. Suspension won't affect the depth
I just read the following in my user manual under Cargo Area Features...

"...The underside of the storage bin cover also contains a plastic-lined tray. The cover can be installed with either side facing up for added utility."

Has anyone tried doing this? Could flipping it replace the need for buying a cargo mat?
I may be wrong, but I think that is talking about the tray that goes inside the spare tire area for those without the full size spare, not the actual cover/load floor
1 - 4 of 65 Posts
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