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Accessories- Cargo mat

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Has anyone found a cargo mat yet for the cherokee? Looking for one that'll protect the cargo area either with seats up or down (not picky on this one).
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yeah, there is no storage for those that get the optional spare tire or have a trailhawk/limited which come with them
Not true. I have a Cherokee Limited, Active Drive II, with off road suspension, and compact spare tire. I do have the storage "thing um a bob" in the cargo area under the floor. The cargo area is 3 layered: 1.) floor 2.) storage 3.) spare tire
Strange, the Limited I looked at had a cover and a spare underneath, nothing in between
Maybe it has to do with the Active Drive II which comes with the off road suspension. It could be the off road suspension allows for more more clearance thus allowing the trunk to be deeper. Not sure about this, just a wild guess.
I would contact my dealer but they are worthless. I have already emailed them 2 questions and no response. I hate dealers...

ditto, +1
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