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A while back, say mid-March, I started getting messages on my screen. First, it was the “Service Parking Brake” message and the blinking light on my brake pull on the console. Then came “Start/Stop Not Available”, which didn’t really bother me because I turn that off as soon as I start my Jeep. Lastly, my odometer started blinking. So, I got a brand new, GREAT, battery, installed it, nothing changed, contrary to what I read here and there online. I’m having brakes put on this Friday, so, I’m hoping to avoid incurring any additional charges, I did the battery disconnect thing and left it off for probably 4 or 5 hours. Came out and put everything back together, fired it up, NOPE. All still there. I have to assume at least ONE of you guys/gals has had this issue, or one of them…my local mechanics are excellent and I’ve used them for the past 10 years; I don’t do dealerships, FYI, unless I absolutely have to. Suggestions? Cures? Resources? Thank you in advance and I look forward to being a part of this community. With the advent of Facebook, I’ve missed the “old school” message boards. Just feels right. Thanks, everyone, and THERE’S ONLY ONE!! ~|||||||~
Hi there,

If the Stop/Start message was only 'not available', that usually excludes the battery. I know there are tons of messages here about ESS and the battery, but the message for a dying battery is a persistant 'Stop/Start unvailable Battery Charging'. But hey you got a new battery...

Blinking odometer : is it still blinking ? If so, you first need to t-shoot the source, then you'll need a proxy alignment. Proxy align is typically done at a dealership because it requires a scan tool capable of doing this, but dealers aren't the only ones who can do this, but the right equipment (and basic skills) is needed.

Sounds to me like a park brake problem. Have you checked for water under the spare tire ? That's where the park brake module is located and some Cherokees are victim to water infiltration from the rear hatch.
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