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4 x 4 shop or trustworthy place to install Lift Kit in the GTA?

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Does anyone have any recommendations for a shop or auto place that they'd trust to install the budget lift kit in or around the GTA?
There's the one obvious one that comes to mind - j**st j33p5 and I do have a quote from them already. Curious if anyone has any recommends for other places that might not be as pricey. I'm new to this whole suspension-modding game
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Guess I worded my response unclearly... Yes a "4X4" shop would likely be a good place to do this lift. What I meant was there are other shops that can do this lift also, like an alignment place, because they know suspensions and steering hardware very well also. Plus, they can align it right there. The 4X4 places may be more familiar with older style suspensions (like on Wranglers). Etc...
The key is finding a good mechanic who won't charge you an insane amount... which is always something to watch out for in a big city.
totally - that's what I was thinking. Just a good reliable suspension/alingment type of place might be cheaper and just as good, considering I'll be supplying all the parts/instructions etc. - just don't have experience with them, so looking for recommends in or around Toronto...
The budget lift is really a no brainer and doesn't need a skilled mechanic. The wheel alignment is optional until your happy with the results, so that could be put off.
I get that it's not a super hard job, but I'm still going to look for someone to do it for me, and I have no ego about that:) I work pretty long hours, have never tinkered with mechanical car stuff, don't have a garage, don't feel comfortable using something like a spring compressor, etc etc. I'll always gladly pay for someone's time and experience dealing with car stuff.

Maybe I'll look into alignment places...
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thanks for the offer @ptrudel and I'll definitely hit you up next time I head to the northern nether-regions of Ontario:)

Just bumping this thread - wanting to do this lift and just looking for any kind of reco for a place that wouldn't mess it up:) I'm working down near kipling and queensway and looks like there's a whole slew of auto places in this area....
I'm curious too, and in generally the same area.
Yeah, If i don't get any reco's...I might just start calling some alignment/auto places in the area and see if they'd be up for it. I've really never done something like this so I don't have a go-to shop or anything.
I'll let you know if i get anywhere!
I have the lift sitting in my garage waiting for either me or a shop to install it. The jeep dealership quoted me 500 bucks to do the install and alignment. I quickly walked away lol
which dealership? If it wasn't for the high price, i might go that route - because by installing it they're essentially santioning it and warranty-ing it etc.
Just because the dealership does it does not mean it is warrantied , read it
true. i was thinking mopar parts.
That is a correct statement sir.
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