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The Cherokee is a 3.2L, minor typo.
The main complaint I have noticed in 7 years on this forum is that both engines are prone to cam follower failure.
Probably not prevalent enough to be a major concern.
The engine is the least of your worries, lots of other things can fail before the engine does.
The oil cooler housing can crack, lots of other things can go wrong.
I haven't figured out what the cam follower "deal" is but I use Amsoil Signature oil, change it often and my 2014 Cherokee TH at almost 100k miles is doing fine engine wise.
You need to figure out which vehicle fits your lifestyle and requirements, this is really a personal choice.
If you don't go off road you don't need a Wrangler even though they look "bad" at the Mall.
I do prefer the Cherokee TH suspension even around town, it takes speed bumps and pot holes more gracefully.
Unfortunately it seems to be a crap shoot, some of us are doing great, some of us have lemons.
I wiped the engine on my 1996 Oldsmobile on the skid pad in 100,040 miles, I have 180,000 miles on the new Crate engine, so anything is possible.
I have an unproved theory that doing a factory order results in a better ownership experience.
Don't buy anything off the lot, by my definition it is a used vehicle from just sitting around in the weather.
The most important thing is to find a competent, honest repair shop, for whatever you decide to buy.
These days some things can only be repaired by an authorized dealer, it seems to be a conspiracy.
Ok, that's my story.
1 - 2 of 54 Posts