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Personally I would not own another pentastar 3.2. 3.6 is built the same way and both have all too common and expensive if out of warranty roller rocker failures causing annoying misfires and camshaft damage. And very common are oil cooler failures as well. I have had 2 oil coolers fail (not due to overtighting) in 100k miles and also had both sides of my 3.2 all roller rockers replaced and 4 camshafts as well around 80k miles. If the roller rockers were not within warranty I would have been out thousands. Any engine that doesn't last 200k without major top end or other major internal work is junk in my opinion. Not to mention the 3.2 has a terrible design of you must drain all the engine coolant just to change the belt since a coolant hose runs through the belt. And the oil cooler is buried within the V of the engine and both intakes upper and lower must be fully removed to access for replacement. Just a over complex design that is hard and expensive to work on.

If you really want a FCA/Jeep product I personally would look at a Hemi if looking at a GC or the 2.0 turbo if looking at a Cherokee or Wrangler. I would AVOID the Pentastar V6's. Search other forums and you will see Wrangler and GC owners with similar issues. The hemi and 2.0 turbo do not have these common failures.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts