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2021 Cherokee Trailhawk with 2.0T?

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Anyone knows why there is no option for a Trailhawk with the 2.0T anymore ?

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Welcome to the forum!
Unfortunately there is no longer a 2.0T option for the TH. I’m assuming there’s plenty of 3.2L laying around. There definitely isn’t a lack of 2.0T engines either, they’re just going into different models. Also assuming that many didn’t opt for the 2.0T low sales figures could factor into that. The TH is standard with the 3.2L Pentastar for the 2021MY. The Latitude Lux, 80th Year Anniversary, Limited, and High Altitude (2.0T standard on HA) trims can be had with the 2.0T in the United States. Hopefully someone can provide a better answer.
I see you’re in Canada, so the trims with the optional/standard 2.0T will vary.
Here’s a brochure for Canada:
Jeep 2021 Cherokee
Yep, and the only way to get ADII outside of the Trailhawk now is with 19" wheels. o_O
Not that that's necessarily bad, but that is also the only way to get ADII and the 2.0. o_Oo_O
I can’t wait to see what changes come for the 2022MY. :sigh:
Aren’t the 19” wheels a carryover from the defunct Overland trim?
Wait, in 2021, you can get the ADII on the Lat Lux with 17", or the Limited with 19" (in addition the the TH AD Lock, of course). My bad...
You’re actually correct about not being able to get ADII with the 2.0T in the Latitude Lux trim, I’m assuming they’ve changed this recently. When ordering mine back in January you were able to get the Lat Lux with ADII and the 2.0T. As you mentioned getting ADII in the Lat Lux trim forces you to get the 3.2L. As you mentioned you do have to step up to the Limited trim to get the 2.0T with ADII then you get the 19” wheels 🥴. So in short you now have to pay well over $40k before incentives to get ADII with the 2.0T in the United States.
Wonder if they would hire us as Marketing Consultants??? I'd probably do it for free...LOL!!!😎
It would make too much sense Scott! Lol
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Probably, since they likely have a huge surplus of them...😎
It seems like a surplus of those wheels and 3.2Ls.
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