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2020 Trailhawk Color Availability

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I'm in the process of ordering a new 2020 Trailhawk to replace my 2014 Trailhawk. I'm interested in the String Gray color, which my salesperson says is available, but I'm not seeing it showing as available on the Jeep website when I configure a 2020 Trailhawk. I'd rather not waste time having him submit the order for String Gray only to have it come back later as not available. Does anyone know if String Gray is an available color for the Trailhawk for the 2020 model year?
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It looks like it's available on other trim levels of Cherokee, it just doesn't seem to be for the Trailhawk, which is crazy because of all of the trim levels, this color would look best on the Trailhawk. It was available on the Trailhawk in 2019. This is my #1 color choice, and it's immensely frustrating that it's no longer available on the Trailhawk. What could possibly be the reason for this?
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