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2020 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Battery issues

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I purchased my Jeep brand new and had no issues until this week. My battery drained and unable to start. I had towed to dealership and they said the battery just needed a full charge. Granted it has been a very cold start to winter here in Ottawa ON but still I never expected my Jeep with less than 18000 km not to start. I was charged 98 dollars to charge the battery. This morning I went to start my jeep and again it won’t start. I am so frustrated I don’t know if I should just go and buy a brand new battery somewhere else or have it towed again to the dealership and ask them to find out what is going on with my jeep. I purchased extended warranty for seven years on this vehicle. Should this be happening to a less then two year old brand new jeep? Any advice would be appreciated. I’m feeling so frustrated and have lost all trust with the dealership 😱
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Tina, please post a follow-up in about 6 months to let us know if everything is still working properly.
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