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2019 Water in tail lights.

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Washed my new Cherokee 2 days after bringing it home and found all 4 tail lights fogged with moisture. Dealership replaced after they got new parts. A few weeks later noticed the same issue although not as bad. Service advisor tried telling me that "some" water in tail lights was "acceptable" and should burn off after a few minutes from the heat from the bulbs. I argued the fact they were L.E.D lights and didn't generate much if any heat. Got the shop Manager involved. He told me to wait a few months until the "bad" replacement lights were all out of Jeeps inventory and then he would change them for me. I returned a few months later with iphone pics to show they were still fogging. I left the Cherokee and a couple hours later was called to come pick it up. I was told at that time that they couldn't duplicate the issue so they wouldn't replace the lights. I went home and washed it and they fogged immediately for me. Here I am a year and a half later still with fogged tail lights. I have done my own research in parking lots when I see another 2019 model and about 50% have a least some moisture in one of the four lights.
Anybody else dealing with this issue?
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I don't have a 2019. Others have posted the problem. The LEDs don't get warm enough to evaporate the water.
The housing is not hermetically sealed. Condensation happens.
When the atmosphere gets dryer the condensation will eventually go away.
If there is a crack in the light housing then you really do have a problem.
Search this site and you should find other reports.
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