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2019 trailhawk towing questions-large popup camper?

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1st of all thanks for reading. I currently have a 2019 TH with the 6 cylinder with tow package. I had a question on towing with the TH.
I recently purchased a 2022 Rockwood 2716G popup. Dry weight of this is 2800lbs and 360lbs tongue weight. I know the limits of the Cherokee is 4500lbs and 450 hitch weight.
Stupid me, as a newbie with campers, listened to the rv salesman who told me,yes,your jeep can tow this safely as it’s under weight. Of course I didn’t realize the 360 tongue weight is the advertised brochure weight. No one seems to be able to answer if this weight includes the 2 propane tanks or not.
My question is, I am stuck with this purchase now, and I’m stuck with the trailhawk. Is the 450lb tongue limit the actual limit the hitch on the jeep can handle? Meaning if it’s actually 460lbs now I take a chance of the hitch falling off? After much research, it doesn’t look like I can add a wdh to the popup due to the dual propane tanks getting in the way, plus if I’m close to 400 as is, any wdh is certainly going to put me over 450.
I might also add, I drive alone, so payload is no issue as it’s just me. I also towed it home from the rv store two weeks ago, pulled it like it wasn’t even attached. I do have a brake controller. My trips are all 60 miles or less. I’m just afraid I’m going to do damage to the Cherokee long term by pulling this large popup.
Any suggestions would be great, and also if anyone knows if the 360lb brochure hitch weight on the Rockwoods include propane or not? I do have a hitch scale on order so I know for sure. Thanks again for helping.
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you can take weight off the tongue by mounting propane cylinders not on the tongue. Sounds stupidly simplistic but its very much the case. I cant see a popup being too much for your cherokee with weight near the axle. the simple length of the tongue is why you can probably lift it with nothing in the camper , i presume, at least it not be crushingly heavy.

Also, have you actually gotten a proper hitch scale? Because 40 pounds at the front of the trailer not at the tongue isnt going to be 40 pounds on the tongue especially if the axle isnt that far away. weight behind the axle is also going to pull weight off the tongue but you shouldnt really attempt to ballast the tongue by adding behind the axle, im just saying you should consider a tongue scale that can be bought to determine how much is on the tongue. Also, if you have the trailer perfectly level, or is it slightly sloped back, or is it pinning downward to the hitch? A perfectly level trailer is gonna have more on the tongue than one thats tipping ever so much back from having it hitched higher up. A picture of how your trailer looks on your hitch on level ground could help us provide thoughts on it.
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