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Right , but the OP said reprogramming was done after they installed the new battery.
I replaced my own battery, didn’t connect any backup power while it was removed and didn’t have any faults or any issues , no programming needed.All has worked well with my batteries and charging system, my factory battery lasted longer then most and it’s not driven a lot. Wish I could say that about almost everything else in it.
So have others had to have programming done?
it must be a coincidence that the OP needed some other programming done when they took it in for the battery service. Relearning is one thing Reprogramming is another.
In another recent battery thread, OP had ESS 'Battery charging' going on and the dealership hooked up the battery to their GR8. OP posted a pic of the paperwork, where we clearly see that not only did they test the battery ('Good', although...), they also did a BCM reset, IBS reset and a proxy alignment... Why ? No idea... Over zealous tech ? New procedure ?

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