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2019 Cherokee Trailhawk Hitch and Harness

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Hi all,

Recently purchased a 2019 Cherokee Trailhawk to replace a dying Subaru Forester. I'm an avid cyclist, and the Jeep I purchased did not come with the trailer tow package or a set of crossbars. I'm most interested in installing a hitch-mounted bike rack, but the vehicle doesn't have a hitch. After calling a number of local dealerships, I was quoted $214 for the hitch, and about 2.5 hours of labor for install. From what the service and parts departments said, the hitch is just the hitch, not the wiring harness. I had one department tell me that the "harness is still under production" while yet another said that "they're crazy backordered right now" while yet a third said "they're actually integrated in the car". So, my question consists of a few parts:

  1. What are the part numbers and components required for installing a hitch (preferably with the trailer-wiring components) for a 2019 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk?
  2. Were any of the dealers right with what they said? Are the wiring components any different than past model years, and if so, are they actually available? Are they integrated with the car?
  3. To have a hitch installed properly is there anything I should be on the lookout for? Are there any other pieces that the dealerships might be missing?
  4. What hitch-mounted bike rack would you recommend? I have been using a Thule T2 for a while now.
  5. Are there any other hitch-related parts or accessories you would recommend?

Thanks in advance, love the community already!
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The factory hitch requires a different rear bumper insert because the hitch comes out in the bumper.

I just installed a hitch on my 2019. I went aftermarket even though I work at a dealer. I went with a curt hitch, the primary hitch bar is completely hidden under the bumper. Minor trimming is required and the install is much easier with two people. At $136 I think it's an amazing value.


They also carry wiring for the 2019 and that is also cheaper than my price on factory wiring as a dealer employee.

There are so many bike racks out there it's hard to lend an opinion without knowing what you are carrying. Thule is good stuff though.
I am told that adding the aftermarket wiring harness on the 2019 Grand Cherokee is a problem (u-haul will not install).

They told me you need to flash the ECU for the wiring to work - and this can damage the ECU.

I confirmed with the dealer and they stated Jeep will not honor the warranty on the ECU if I install the aftermarket harness -

Are you aware of this issue?
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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