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2019 Cherokee Limited 4x4 Lift Kit Setup - Help/ Advice?

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Hey Guys! I'm new-ish to the lift kit world and I've been trying to do some research on what my best options would be to install a small lift on my 2019 Limited & and add some slightly bigger tires ( it needs a better stance) . Does anyone have a similar set up on a 2019 + non- TH Cherokee? Suggestions? Thank You in advance
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Take a look at the two stickies posted in this forum: 'List of Lift Kits...' and 'Lift Kits & Tire Size Charts'. They offer a lot of choices and some great experiences.

Lifting doesn't solve the entire issue with tire size because it involves tire height and width, so it's not quite that simple.
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Did you ever find what you were looking for?
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