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2018 trailhawk rugged ridge bull bar

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Hi, anyone install one of these on the hawk? Websites are saying jeep grand cherokee, I found one in Canada that says the model im looking at will fit. I ordered it, but now that I look on the rugged ridge site, it only lists Grand jeep cherokee. I did find others on Carid etc but shipping is higher than the actual cost of the bull bar. Just wondering if there is going to be lots of mods to get this on and checking if anyone else installed this brand. Thanks.
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This was my solution for mounting driving lights on a Trailhawk: Driving lights
Used the tow hook bolt to attach a barn door bracket to the Jeep.
Drilled holes in the bracket for mounting and for the driving lights.
Works great for me. They are easy to remove when I won't be needing them for awhile.
Used inline trailer connectors to facilitate disconnecting the wires.

So far I haven't needed a bull bar off road, I just run into trees and let my body shop fix it.
Most of the brush I drive through just pin stripes the sides.
Not sure how bull bars affect air bag deployment.
I embrace the KISS principle, "keep it simple stupid".
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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