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[2016 TH) Climate Control Memory?

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Hi All -

Quick question for those who also have a 2016 Cherokee...

When you shut your Jeep off to run into a store, when you return later and start your Jeep, does the climate control automatically resume as soon as you start your Jeep from where it left off when you parked it?

Presently, when I leave my Jeep and come back the climate control will remain off and the temperature will reset back to 72 degrees F.

I don't remember if it was like this the entire time I've had it and want to know if it's something that needs attention.

Ideally, it would pick up right where I left it or at least remember the temperature.
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I have found, whatever I have the presets set at, temp, seat adjustment, etc..., all go back to your presets when you restart. Try resetting your preset temperature to your desired startup temp.
Sorry to be confusing. Ill back out. Thank you Longship, I was referring to remote start.
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