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2016 Jeep Cherokee Latitude with Panoramic Panel View

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I bought as new car on Jan. 2016 what looked like was my dream car. But, without even knowing I started noticing rattle sound coming out of the roof and the front top of the vehicle. I have complained six times directly to the dealership and four times using the customer care liaison in order to make my case more effective but no success in resolving the problem. They state that there is no resolution yet for the problem and I have to take the car back and wait, but in the meantime car value is decreasing and monthly car payment don't stop. I feel like I bought a defective car and no one wants to acknowledge waiting for me to give up. I am using this tool to get my voice out and see if someone in the community is experience the same problem I have. If not, please recommend what else should I do to get my problem corrected or at least to get a remedy for it. The situation has made me feel impotent versus the time expended leaving the cars at the dealership for weeks and no solution.
Mr. Greg Martinez
Jacksonville, FL
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Does the noise go away when the roof is open to "vent" position?
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