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2014 Jeep Cherokee diesel

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This configuration is being produced for export markets.

2.0L I4 Turbo Diesel
6-Spd C635 Manual Transmission

Who else would buy a diesel/manual Cherokee in the U.S.? If I could, this is what I would buy. Anyone have more info on the specs?

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I snapped 2 pics of a diesel cherokee in my neighborhood today. It had an auto trans. Nothing different that I seen from the interior side of things so I just snapped the pics of the diesel labels. It had longitude badges on it. Diesel only label above fuel door. Trying to host pics
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Some one please re-size the below pics for me. If these pics aren't new news please forgive me.
Looks to be for ROW markets and not for North America,

When we ordered our 14 RAM, I wanted the Eco diesel, but we ordered the HEMI instead as it's a 5000 dollar option in Canada over the HEMI, that's a lot of miles to pay off the difference....alas the V8 it was

For the Kee I got the 3.2, would I be disappointed about not getting a diesel, for sure, I love the torque of the , but would be interesting to see the option cost of that motor
How can you tell? I posted pics of the propane RAM and diesel RAM a good time before they hit the public. Several people mentioned the ROW. What is that?
I see so by the pictures there isn't a way to tell if it's ROW. By the post I thought that was something you could see or a tell tale way of showing that is was for ROW. They made a business case for a diesel liberty, I think a diesel Cherokee makes as much sense as a diesel GC. There is no definte answer for the diesel option as of yet.
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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