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2014 Cherokee Trail Hawk - Severe Clunking in Transmission Area

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The wife pulled up to a stop light and had the snow option on while driving. When she got entirely stopped the transmission started making loud clunking noises unless
it was in neutral. The engine runs fine, but the minute it is put into Drive, Reverse, or any gear it starts clunky like something is spinning.

Is this a drive shaft issue? I would think if it were a transmission or transfer case issue it would not move at all after a mechanical or software failure.

It's pretty dang cold right now in Colorado, so I have not had a chance to get under it and take a look.


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1. Do you have any way to plug into the OBD connector and see if there are any codes?

2. With the SelectTerrain knob in "AUTO" do you still get the sound? (from a flat stop this usually leaves the card in FWD mode).

3. There's a fuse in the engine compartment fuse block you can pull to disable the 4WD mechanism. (I think it's "F10" but there's a diagram on the underside of the fusebox lid) Pull the fuse. if the issue continues to happen, it's not with the axle-back to the rear of the car (meaning the issue is probably with the transaxle (front) or the Power Transfer Unit (PTU). Note when you pull the fuse the car will report "SVC 4WD" this is normal (since the fuse has been pulled).
BTW, which model do you have (TH, Latitude, Sport, Limited etc.). If possible, look underneath at the transmission (drivers side front) and power transfer unit [if possible], (middle area of engine bay toward the rear). Anything like oil on the casings or other obvious physical damage/issues. We'll hear back from you tomorrow!
Try pulling the F10 fuse, which disables the PTU, rendering FWD only. If the car drives, and doesn't make noise this will definitely narrow it down, but sounds like the PTU (transfer case) or the RDM (rear differential)...😎
@The Sub Vet , probably the fuse number @Flybynightcru mentioned (F20) is the correct one. Disregard the number I noted (F10). Either way, there's a diagram on the underside of the lid.
Is there interchangeability on PTU numbers for jeep? I ordered a PTU
68307402AI Fits 2014-2019 Jeep Cherokee trailhawk with the V6 for $1600
but they are saying that the upgraded version is 68307403AG which they only guarantee for 2 years but want $3800 for.

What are the upgrades? I'm sure the Kid on the phone at jeep has no idea?

Do i have to use what they recommend by VIN and bite the bullet, or is there interchangeability just changing Part Numbers based on manufacturing date variables?


Hey @The Sub Vet , don't want to leave you hanging. I personally don't know. Sometimes parts are very specific per year/VIN, other time's it's just an upgraded part of better design etc. but can be used interchangeably across years. The VIN is the only 100% sure way of course (hence why that's what you're hearing from Jeep. )

Regarding the part you found (68307402AI) are you sure that's for a TH? The Mopar site list that PTU as a 1-speed. See screenshot below.
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Question... is a local shop replacing your PTU? You could get the Jeep recommended model number off, say, eBay (new $1800) or off car-part.com etc.
Just my $.02 however I'd double-check that part number you found. A 1-speed unit definitely wont work for a TH.
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What my seaching shows is that, indeed, that first one is for AD1 (single speed AWD).

68307403AG would be for AD2 (non Trailhawk)
68545101AA would be for Trailhawk.
Thanks @Mark_ for catching that. I was too focused on "2 speed". Forgot about the locker!


@The Sub Vet , strange the Jeep dealer quoted you 68307403AG based on your TH VIN....
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