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Hey all,

Sorry to beat a dead horse with regard to the transmission issues but my 2014 Cherokee is once again getting a new transmission. I first replaced the transmission at 15,000 km and now at 90,000 km here we go again. I've been in contact with FCA/Chrysler and though they are replacing the tranny under warranty that's about all that they are willing to do. I have a couple issues with this:

1. Who is to say that the transmission won't need to be replaced again, perhaps after the warranty period has expired and on my dime?
2. My confidence in the vehicle, and in the manufacturer has been diminished.
3. The car itself has been devalued through these issues. These are warranty fixes and thus disclosed on vehicle history reports thereby reducing my trade-in or resale value.
4. I have serious safety concerns knowing that the transmission is (potentially) unreliable. A complete transmission failure could have devastating consequences.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how best to proceed with this? At this point I'm going to have to trade it in (after it's fixed) and get another vehicle. However, is there anything that any of you might be able to consider with regard to manufacturer liability? Sorry for the redundancy but I'm at a loss with regard to the best course of action moving forward.

Thanks all,


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Hi Nick, welcome to JCC.
Sorry to hear about the second transmission going in your 2014 but here is what I think might be the good part of the story....although it depends on a few dates...

When did you purchase your 2014 KL? And what was the date of the first failure at 15,000km? If you received a new transmission prior to the 'updated' version in May 2015, then you might have gotten a second 'original' one that was prior to the bugs being worked out.

The good news is that there are several members here that have had new transmissions installed after the resolution date that have been flawless and trouble free, so you are probably in the clear.

As far as resale, your newfound ability to state that your 2014 has a new updated transmission installed at 90,000 km (~55,000 mi) sounds like a bonus!

Please feel free to come back and brag...;-)

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I am on who lost his 2014 transmission in mid 2016 and made sure they replaced it with a new unit have had zero issues since then and they extended the power train warranty to 8 years or 120,000 miles. I hope that this helps.
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